Modern Types of Precast Concrete Products Available

With the hallmark advances made in the manufacturing sector, concreters can now supply construction contractors with an extensive range of unique solutions for their particular projects. Here are some of the most efficient precast concrete products used in the home building and construction industry today.

Precast concrete tiles

When you want to install tile in residential structures, you should no longer restrict yourself to conventional prefabricated options such as ceramic, vinyl, or porcelain floor tiles. A new affordable, long-lasting and eco-friendly alternative is factory-made concrete tile, which can be tailored to suit your application. Concrete tiles are useful for many wide-ranging construction applications, both indoors and outdoors, including bathroom walls, backsplashes, kitchen countertops, patio pavers, and building facades, and they are most commonly used as roofing and flooring products.

Precast insulated concrete wall panels

These insulated wall panels essentially consist of two concrete wall panels with a layer of insulating material such as polystyrene sandwiched between them to improve their thermal performance. Aside from providing an energy-efficient envelope for your residential buildings, prefabricated insulated concrete wall panels also offer design flexibility that allows for quick installation. What is more, an exterior membrane and a moisture barrier can be affixed to these panels to increase their overall thermal performance. This makes them favored options in the green home building sub-sector.

Precast foamed concrete

Foamed concrete is formed by entrapping several tiny bubbles of air in plastic mortar or cement paste. It is then formulated to create air bubbles that are stable enough to resist the physical and chemical influences exerted during various processes including mixing, placing, and hardening. In the precast form, they are primarily available as blocks and panels. Because of its relatively lower water absorption rate and better water-resistance, foamed concrete generally provides more durable exteriors than those of traditional gypsum-based underlayment. Foamed concrete exhibits better adhesion properties, making it possible to clean concrete even without priming.

Precast concrete beams

These beams usually come as standard T-shaped precast concrete products and are usually used for floor installation. Since they provide a ready working base, installation work can be rapidly completed; in essence, the installer does not have to wait for concrete slabs to cure. After being grouted, floors form a platform that can be worked on immediately. This helps save on project time and labor costs. The upper surface of the concrete beam floor is normally appropriate for the application of insulating material such as sand or concrete screed.

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