Finding a school for a child that has been expelled

Public schools have the right to expel students who behave in dangerous or undue ways such as threatening or attacking staff and students verbally or physically. While a government school place needs to be provided for all children, this may not be at a convenient location for the child to attend. Some parents instead prefer to head for a new start with an independent school.

Here are some reasons that independent schools can be a better option for a new start after an expulsion. 

Smaller teacher to student ratio

Independent schools often have a smaller teacher to student ratio as they have more independence with how they apply their budgets. This can be very useful as it allows students to get more immediate attention and support in class when they need help, which can reduce frustration. Equally, the extra attention can help to notice inappropriate behaviours and redirect students early on to prevent them from getting into serious trouble. 

Extra pastoral support

Independent schools also often have more resources for student development, including counsellors and psychologists. This can help to identify any underlying issues which are leading to poor behaviour, including untreated mental health issues or undiagnosed learning difficulties. 

Values-based teaching

As many independent schools have a religious connection they emphasise a values-based approach to life and thread this into learning and activities within the day. This can help students who tend to buck against the rules to understand why they need to behave in certain ways and provide them with a framework to understand how they should behave in new situations that are not specifically covered by the rules. 

More rigorous behaviour management programs

Independent schools do not have to go through the same hurdles in order to suspend or expel students. They can tailor make behaviour management programs that make it clear what the consequences are for a range of behaviours. For some students who are attempting to 'push boundaries,' this approach of hard behaviours limits and consequences when accompanied with extra support can be invaluable in turning around bad habits and getting off to a new start. 

Many teenagers go through stages of testing limits in their surroundings. With appropriate support and management, poor behaviour patterns can often be turned around allowing the students to succeed at school. If you are looking for a new start for your child after an expulsion, independent schools can often present good solutions. Why not make an appointment to investigate it further?

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