Warehouse Safety: Understanding Order Picker Forklift Training

Order picking is one of the most critical processes in the warehouse. This operation consists of collecting the stocked merchandise in specified quantities from the storage in preparation for transportation to the customers. While this is a basic process, it has major influence on the entire supply chain and its productivity. Therefore, you should consider commissioning order picker forklift training for your employees involved in this aspect of your business. This course is useful for both experienced and novice forklift operators in your workplace. Here is a short description of the content covered in a typical order picker training program.

Safe Forklift Operation

The efficiency of forklift operations in the warehouse determines the level of safety in the workplace. Therefore, the order picker training is critical in teaching and reminding the employees the right practices to uphold when moving to and from the storage. The course will cover proper navigation procedures for both safe operation and optimal productivity. It will also provide information on forklift capacity, stability and general balance when in operation. Additionally, this training will help in educating employees on the designations of the different industrial trucks in the workplace and how to avoid potential related hazards.

Maintenance and Inspections

Forklifts require regular maintenance to perform exceptionally and to prolong the lifespan of the components. Unfortunately, not all forklift operators can perform these basic tasks efficiently. This can compromise productivity and result in extra expenses. The order picking training helps the order pickers understand the critical servicing processes which should be carried out to improve function. Moreover, the course outlines all the important pre-operational procedures. Basically, these are assessment operations which should be performed prior to using any equipment. This practice confirms that the forklift machinery is safe for usage in the warehouse.

Workplace Safety Analysis and Other General Rules

The warehouse is a potentially hazardous workplace since there are numerous items stores, multiple forklifts moving about and many workers onsite. The order picker training is useful in helping the workers to evaluate the general setup in the warehouse and identify risks. Consequently, they will be able to navigate the site without causing mayhem. In addition, the program will teach general forklift driving rules, good battery charging practices and the fundamentals of common warehouse products.

When choosing your order picker training school, you should consider whether the institution offers both onsite and offsite training. This will give you more flexibility for your employees. You should also evaluate the course materials provided such as supplementary handouts, learning workbooks and certification.

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