How to Prepare for Your Forklift Training Course

Forklift licenses are highly sought after by employees of all sorts of different industries. From packaging and postage to manufacturing and hardware stores, every big warehouse and holding facility needs people who can drive forklifts. That is why many people suggest to younger or newer trainees to take a forklift training course before you even apply for a job to maximise your chances. If you have a course already booked in, then here are a few things that you should be ready for on the day that you go in.

Comfortable But Not Loose

These training courses often feel quite long because they spend a full day (most of the time) on videos, pamphlets, safety courses and maybe some time on an actual forklift near the end of the session. Then, the next day you might get a little more time on a forklift before your exam begins. While this might sound like a lot of sedentary sitting around, you still need to be dressed in material that won't get caught or in anything that is exposing your body. Regular sneakers or workboots will be fine and keep your pants and shirt professional so you don't give a bad impression.

Stay On-Site for Lunch and Breaks

While it can be tempting to go off and look for a delicious place to get some well-earned food during the breaks, you really should remain as close to the site as possible. It is a very short course and you don't want to miss any amount of it by being stuck in traffic on the way back from a fast food place. Pack yourself some nice treats to reward yourself instead, and this will allow you to hopefully pick the brain of your instructors who will be having lunch around you as well. This can give you a leg-up in what is to come and make sure they remember you positively.

Don’t Overdo Things the Day Before

As mentioned above, a forklift training course is pretty straightforward as long as you are in the right state of mind. That means you have to ensure you don't rock up too tired from a heavy gym session or a long day at work the day before. Take the day before off and make sure you have all your note-taking utensils with you as well as all your forms of identification. Don't go out the night before and make sure you get as much sleep as you can. You will ace your course if you just follow those simple steps and don't take it for granted. 

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